Pittsburg holds two ribbon-cuttings

The Pittsburg business community celebrated a growing business Thursday morning and the addition of a new downtown business Thursday afternoon.

The Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce hosted ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the offices of Kannarr Eye Care, at 2421 N. Broadway, and JST Bobby G’s, a new drinking establishment at 108 W. Sixth in downtown Pittsburg.

“We had a great turnout and we definitely appreciate all the support from the community,” said optometrist Shane Kannarr, who operates the eye center with optometrist Chris Jacquinot.

Kannarr recently gutted and refurbished an older building, and said he’s proud that, with the exception of specific eye care equipment, the entire center was rebuilt by local contractors.

“Mike Austerman did the interior work, and everything else was local, too,” said Kannarr, who grew up in Humbolt, came back to Pittsburg as part of an eye care group in 2006, and started his own practice in 2009. “Supporting our community has been a focus for us. We feel like the community has supported us and we feel blessed to be here.”

Kannarr said the center treats “just about every visual and medical condition that’s there,” and also treats low-vision patients — those with conditions such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.  Kannarr said he’s optimistic about the practice’s future in Pittsburg.

“Hopefully we will continue to grow and continue to add new technology,” Kannarr said. “We are also very active in contact lens and pharmaceutical research.”

At JST Bobby G’s, co-owner John Kutz said it’s “spooky” how well business has been in the one month the bar has been open.

“It’s been far better than anything we expected it to be,” Kutz said of the bar, which boasts a bevy of historical Pittsburg items. “It’s been a great thing.”

Kutz said he and co-owner Bobby Gardullo, who the bar is partly named after — JST stands for John Kutz, Susan Gardullo and Terri Steele — were initially worried about scheduling issues. But the learning curve is straightening out, he said.
“Everything’s been great,” Kutz said. “We’ve got a lot of positive vibes back from everybody. I wish it’s something we would have done 10 years ago.”

Article source: http://www.morningsun.net/newsnow/x639970288/Pittsburg-holds-two-ribbon-cuttings

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